Strategic HR

Does your end-to-end employee experience support organisational strategy and transformation?

In order to adapt the organisation for today’s customer environment it is clear that our people will need to significantly transform. Capability uplift is a key part of the picture, however in a more complex and changing world - the broader people enablers which represent a highly effective people organisation are of equal importance. To build the workforce of the future - a simple, compelling and integrated employee experience is required to guide staff through the complexity and reinforce change.

Drawing on our deep knowledge of implementation within complex enterprises, we work with you to understand and strengthen how your employee experience can support capability change into the future.  From enhancing how talent is brought into the business, ensuring reward programs support behavioural change, aligning strategy to vision and enhancing leadership messaging – we can help you enhance key people enablers and ensure alignment with business and customer objectives. 

Blackdot Can Help You:

Recruitment & Selection

Enhance capabilities and organisational processes to ensure a high calibre of marketing, sales and service talent is sourced as required

Lift Induction &
Onboarding Programs

Design immersive onboarding experiences which quickly imbue values and ways of working to set new staff up for success

Advance Career
Progression & Succession

Implement effective talent planning to ensure highly capable people are ready to fill key roles and leadership positions

Sharpen Development
& Coaching Frameworks

Design a blended mix of experiential training, on-the-job learning and coaching to equip staff with the capabilities for success

Optimise Performance Frameworks

Support managers with best practice measurement & feedback mechanisms to drive consistent performance

Enhance Rewards & Recognition

Develop compelling programs which drive shared purpose, retention and a holistic performance culture across the business

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