Combine deep marketing and sales expertise with turnkey technology solutions to transform your growth engine

To meaningfully engage today’s digitally-empowered customer, organisations must deliver greater relevance and personalisation. However with a far greater volume of customer interactions taking place across more channels and functions, meaningfully scaling a relevant customer experience across all of these touch-points is a critical challenge. Whilst technology is part of the solution, it is the combination of new tools woven into broader business transformation that will genuinely deliver relevance, at scale.

Blackdot is uniquely positioned to deliver both the operational know-how required to transform your growth engine as well as the technical expertise necessary to enable and scale more relevant execution. Leveraging the deep and complementary expertise of our exclusive technology partners, we can seamlessly bring together the strategy, people, process and technology elements required to hardwire best practice and transform your customer and business outcomes.

The Blackdot Technology Difference:

Comprehensive Partner Network

We can implement proven core marketing and sales platforms as well as apps and plug-ins that further enhance effectiveness and efficiency

Seamless Delivery Partnerships

Together with our implementation partners, we bring a unique combination of deep, complimentary expertise and tightly integrated solution delivery

Know-How to Bring it All Together

We can stitch together the strategy, people, process, data and technology elements required to transform your growth engine

Business Outcome & ROI Focus

Through ongoing partnering with clients we can progress your digital maturity and measure outcomes towards your specific business goals

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Success Stories

Adoption of Sales Best Practices Drives 10% Increase in Market Share

Blackdot helps a leading Australian bank develop a new sales process and performance management program to significantly boost revenue

Success Stories

Arming Salespeople with Compelling Sales Collateral

Blackdot helps a transport and logistics provider develop unique customer value propositions and collateral for new offerings

Success Stories

Demystifying Targets and Fuelling Incentives to Grow Market Share

Blackdot helps a major pharmaceutical player develop a new target-setting model to align sales around market share growth

Success Stories

Developing the Skills to Out-Sell the Competition

Blackdot helps a leading financial services company enhance their frontline sales effectiveness to win new clients

Our Clients Realise Transformation

  • Charles Waterfield, Business Unit Director, Respiratory and Specialty Products, - AstraZeneca
    • Charles Waterfield, Business Unit Director, Respiratory and Specialty Products, - AstraZeneca

    "When the pay-off for getting it right is very clearly described, it’s far easier to rally the business around what needs to change and why – even when they’re sceptical at the outset."

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